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The number of cord-cutting households is expected to grow by 15.5% in 2020 to 25.3 million households.

An Alternative To Cable and Satellite

The Powerful Fusion of ODI Media Hardware and Software

The ODI TV Box by ODI Media Inc. is an Interactive Media Player distributed at no cost to subscribers who have cut the cord and are eager to find their content within the easy to use ODI TV Interface. Our Android TV Box delivers Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Video Games, Music and tons of interesting and unusual content, curated at the request of our users. Along with a dedicated section to local content all streamed ON DEMAND from the internet. On the way to that content, users encounter Placard Ads with CTA’s and clickable links that show up and offer special deals from local and national sponsors. To get those deals interested users click on sponsor links that transport them to the Advertisers ODI PORTAL. Your ODI PORTAL is an unlimited platform to share your brand in any multi media way, via video, audio, contests, web links, coupons, order forms, menus and more. Showcasing the products and services of our advertisers, ODI Business Portals provide advertisers a unique platform to interact with interested consumers via their Big Screen HDTV while in the relaxed atmosphere of their living rooms and bedrooms.

Our users subscribe to ODI TV not only for access to standard TV programming but enjoy one click access to LOCAL CONTENT that focuses on community events and activities. They agree to view local content and SPONSOR PORTALS and are rewarded for doing so with ODI Incentives that are money saving and FUN! Discounts, Prizes, Contests, Free Tickets and Diners at local eateries, just to name a few!

How It Works

Step 1

Our users browse ODI TV to find the media they wish to consume. Whether it be a TV show, movie, sporting event, they wish to play a retro video game, etc. Depending on the market the customer is located in, geo specific ad content is also viewed during this browing process.

Step 4

The User is taken to the destination as defined by the vendor (in this example, Cheesecake Factory sends the user to Amazon to procure a gift card)

Step 2

While browsing for content, our user finds an offer / call to action that they like - in this case, they found Cheesecake Factory as a sponsor for a Food Network On Demand Shows.. so they chose to go to Cheesecake Factory's Information Portal to see their current offers.

Step 5

The user, after making their purchase (and earning ODI points - more about that system coming soon) is returned to the Food Network menu where they can choose their desired content to view.

Step 3

The user decides that a Cheesecake Factory gift card might make a good purchase, so they click on that call to action, being immediately taken to the website to purchase. The user can also choose to bypass all of this and go directly to their chosen type of desired content.

Step 6

The user watches their content, and you as the vendor are given a report of the purchase / other call to action response along with all other pertinent demographical data.

"Since advertising with ODI media, I have seen my baked good sales go through the roof here in Hutchinson, TX. We are a small community but its hard to know what all the business offerings are locally. I love using my ODI portal to show off our latest creations and even have posted some baking tutorials there for those who are interested in learning more about me, my business, and our philosophy"
Sarafina Richards
Owner, Sara's Baked Delights.


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