Cutting edge technology requires a cutting edge team to manage it (and have a lot of fun in the process) - We think we've got that team here at ODI Media and perhaps you could be our next member?


Yes, this is where you get goofy bios and pictures.. but we promise we'll try to make it fun.

Craig Cyril

You know how when you went to school you had that guy who was elbow deep in an AD&D campaign while playing his Gameboy Advance and reading "A Brief History of Time"? That's basically this guy.. he's our head geek and we love him.

Craig brings 20+ years of solid technical expertise to the mix and constantly immerses himself in new tech and processes so as to never be left in a lurch.

Jobe Scott

Jobe takes to marketing like he takes to water (and considering he's been surfing for over 40 years, he's pretty good at it) He's a serial entrepreneur and keeps his finger on the pulse of what's going to be new a year from now - one of the keys to our success.

Liz Patterson

Although a lot of her time is spent corralling Jobe and Craig and getting them to focus.. Liz is EXTREMELY good at what she does for us. Whether it be idea generation, customer support, creative design, or even good old fashioned tech 'grunt work', Liz is ready to go the extra mile to ensure things run smoothly. She also has a thing for cat ears.. if you couldn't tell.